Bad Motherboard?

Hello, everyone, I'm here here.

Okay, I am having a serious problem, my computer will not boot AT ALL. I thought it was a bad PSU (450W), so I bought a brand new one (550W), but I'm still having the problem. I thought maybe my motherboard was overheating, if that's possible, so I decided to get a small fan to put on the motherboard. That worked great... for about three weeks, now it's doing the same exact thing. Sometimes, I can get the computer to power up and reach the desktop, but it'll shut down after a few minutes. Now, when I press the power button, I hear my fans start up, and my video card, but it quickly powers down. I see a green light on my motherboard, so I know it's receiving power. Could these be symptoms of a bad motherboard?
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  1. Do you monitor your pc? and post full pc specs
  2. lookerup said:
    Do you monitor your pc? and post full pc specs

    I can't actually power on my computer long enough to get the specs, but I'll go by memory as best as I can:

    Windows 7 Home Premium
    XFX Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3
    Core i7, Intel i7-920 / 2.66 GHz
    MOBO: Intel X58 Express
  3. is this a recent build? have you try updating bios?make sure connectors are not loose.
  4. lookerup said:
    is this a recent build? have you try updating bios?make sure connectors are not loose.

    Good news, I got the computer to boot up, I'm using it to reply to you now. No, this is not a recent build, it's about three years old. It's a FX6800-01e that I upgraded a bit. I checked all the connections, none were loose. I'm going to try updating the BIOS now. Also, I replaced the RAM with a different kind, and it booted, I had to do this before when it wouldn't power up, weird.
  5. didn't have to post EVERYTHING, Just your pc components. Does your psu have enough power to power everyhting? If anything, RMA the board. Better safe than sorry.
  6. PSU has more than enough power to run everything. I've tried two PSUs, one from a friend, and the current one -- same problem. I believe it's the motherboard, but I don't want to buy a new one and still have the same problem. I know it's not the RAM, two sets of RAM and still the same problem. Applied new thermal paste to the heatsink and GPU, same problem. I checked for loose cables, same problem. Cleaned out the insides, still having the problem. Guess it's down to the motherboard, but I just want to be absolutely sure before I do anything. I know it's not the video card because there's no artifacting or any warning messages telling me that it's overheating. Hoping to get some help about this soon, it's driving me crazy.
  7. Replace the board. it could be a faulty
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