Help! Bsod now computer wont boot to bios

I have home built computer.I was getting bsod,when i was watching a video,then I tried to restart and it wont boot into bios now just keeps resetting.
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  1. any ideas
  2. If you have a reset Cmos while the MOBO is on click it (it's on the MOBO) and restart the PC.
  3. tried that.tried resetting with the jumpers also,unplugged hard drives that ran os,still does the same thing,moved gpu to diff slots,still same,cant tell if the mem checks out cuss it restarts before it can do the test
  4. try 1 stick of ram at the time, How many sticks of ram are you using? I cant help further, as you didn't even stated what components you're using.
  5. I have intel core i72600k
    asus p67 ws revolution
    16g corsair vengeance
    gtx 580
    windows 7 64 bit
    coolermaster 1000w
  6. ahah i put one stick of ram in and now its stays on!
  7. but could it possibly be mobo ram slots?
  8. no u have to try 1 stick of ram at the time to find the one that isnt working and request it for RMA depending on where you bought it.
  9. yep found witch stick of ram that was , also noticed when i when into bios my mem timing where set to cas 8
  10. could the timings have fried the ram?
  11. No timings cant fry anything, voltage does that, but i highly doubt it, it was probably DOA so just contact manufacture and ask for an RMA.
  12. thx solved
  13. That is why Dell and Hp and such should never be bought from.
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