Will Dual MSI GTX 480 Twin frozr fit in Rampage iii Gene?

I was going to purchase a GTX580 to go in my new gaming system when a friend offered me 2 x MSI GTX480 Twin Frozr for under $400. I took him up on his offer but now i have to rethink my case and motherboard because these cards a massive.

will these cards fit in a Rampage 3 Gene or is there obviously a better choice out there for me?

proposed system; i7 960, rampage 3 Gene, 6gig triple channel Kingston ram at 2000mhz, dual MSI GTX480's Twin Frozr,

Please help me
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  1. The cards are though only a dual slot card and should fit the motherboard just fine, better make sure you have a roomy case.
    If you have not bought the system and you are doing this for gaming can I suggest looking into a LGA1155 system which outperforms LGA1366 unless you have a I7 980x or 990x.
  2. Thanks for your reply,

    The standard GTX480 will fit fine I'm sure but the MSI twin frozr has after market cooling and from what I have seen on a UD7 mother board the card hangs over the 2nd PCI Express slot.
    When running in SLI you need the 1st card in the PCI Express slot 1 and the 2nd card in slot 3.

    I will keep the LGA1155 in mind but I feel I need a motherboard that has 3 PCI Express slots of 2 that are well spaced.
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