What components are compatible with Asus CM1630-05?!

I have an Asus Essentio Cm1630-05. I am wondering what Motherboard, CPU, GPU, and RAM are compatible with it because I would like to greatly upgrade it for current gaming. If anyone can give me the answer to this Id greatly appreciate.
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  1. You are going to be severely limited when it comes to upgrading that platform.

    You are better off building off of a newer motherboard.

    To know for sure, you need to find out what model the motherboard is, then look it up on ASUS website to determine the hardware compatability.

    Also, that case would not be good for decent gaming GPUs. Those things don't circulate air well. And they have tiny power supplies.

    I would look at building a whole new setup, including case and power supply. I had an Essentio and I know the power supply they put in it just barely covered the supplied components.
  2. So pretty much get a new everything, motherboard, cpu, gpu, ram, spu and casing?
  3. You know Im having alot of people tell me if I want a better CPU that ill have to get a new motherboard but I dont see how that is when I can get a new compatible high quality 4 core or 6 core processor for my motherboard? So why doesnt someone tell me whats going on? Am I being fed a load of crap or what?
  4. My problem hasnt been solve so any help please anyone?
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