P8p67 motherboard and i5 processor Xms3 ram - red light error

I have searched the forums for this problem and usually I can sort this out myself but maybe I am missing something so I would like your help please.

***long version***

I bought an asus motherboad (i forgot which model an asus micro atx) and i5 processor. It had onboard graphics, I used 4GB memory from my old core 2duo setup. I bought a PSU as well to go with it corsair 850 watts.

Sometimes it wouldn't start and other times it would run for a few hours with that hardware. Then it ceased to start at all.

I bought a new psu and still nothing. So I beleived it was the board and took it back to the shop.

I then bought the p8p67 atx with the i5, same 4gb ram and same 850 watt psu. I added a GeForce gt from my old pc to get a picture.

I kept getting the red light so I removed one stick of memory and left a single stick in. It worked for a while and I did burn in tests with all my hardware and it past with flying colours.

*****short version***

After successfully using the computer for about a day it now won't start. I get the red light on the motherboard. I suspect the memory but it worked in my last computer they are CORSAIR XMS3 1333Mhz 9-9-9-24 1.12v 2GB (x2)
A single one passed the burn in test but I couldn't boot with 2 in.

The CPU passed the burn in test too.

Sometimes I can get to the bios but it after a while it sticks on the bios screen and I can't move.

I'm sure you can all feel my frustration when a quick upgrade suddenly requires an engineering degree and remortgaging the house :lol:
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  1. your mark that a single memory past the burn test then the other is defective if the are dual channel you better to change both memory sticks with ones that is working with your board
  2. Sometimes I can get it to boot and usable but with only one stick in.

    How long should I run a burn test

    Usually I go for about 5mins

    Just now I reset the bios and booted into windows with both memory modules in. I am currently doing a burn in test in the CPU, memory and graphics
  3. did it was overclock
  4. No but It has started recently and I was using it. I watched some videos and listened to iTunes.

    I did the over clock but didn't like the asus Ai suite ii so I just tried to uninstall, that didn't work so I reinstalled windows and now I have all kinds of errors.

    So I decided its best to start clean since my system is so fresh so I formatted and now when I install windows it freezes

    I am worried the bios can't be over clocked because the os has changed and it is causing it to freeze
  5. then do a cmos reset
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