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Toms has became 1 of my favorite Reference for Daily Needs,
I would Like to Put a Scenario that i was stuck with
We have 2 Gatways using 2 Different Routers(From 2 Different ISP's) Lets Say GW-1 & GW-2.
We have Our Corporate VPN through GW-1 and Our Users which Uses GW-1 are able to Access the Network Resourcess of Far End Corporate VPN through our VPN.
My Question " Some of Our Users Uses GW-2 to access the internet " So is it Possible to Make an Internal Route of Traffic i.e if Somebody who uses GW-2 wants to Access the Resources from Our Far End Location through the Corporate VPN the Route Automatically takes the Traffic from GW-2 to GW-1?
Your Help in this will be Appricated!

Thanks in Advance
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  1. You could set up static routes on the computer, or set it at a layer 3 switch level.
  2. riser said:
    You could set up static routes on the computer, or set it at a layer 3 switch level.

    Thanks riser for your time to answer me.
    I Tried the static Routes on Computer as Well as the GW-2 But No Luck, Can You Please Explain me How to accomplish this !
    I would like to Put some more Details
    Router-1 is Juniper SSG-20
    Router -2 is DLINK DIR 300

    Router-1 LAN IP
    Router-2 LAN IP

    FAR End IP 192.168.10.XXX

    Corporate VPN Configured at Router 1 to the Far End Router (ie Juniper)

    Machines in LAN - Windows Vista with 1 NIC

    The Machines that has the Gatway is able to access the Resourcess to the Far End 192.168.10.XXX But the Machines using is not able to access the Far End 192.168.10.XXX

    and we dont have Layer 3 switch inplace :-(

    Once Again Thanks for your Time
    MSK 2010
  3. Your solution will be more indepth that my knowledge goes into your specific equipment.
    Being that they both share the share IP address, it'll be a pain.

    Generally one router will have a different range than the other router. With that you would be able to break the route down based on the octets in the IP.

    Ultimately I would guess you would need to redesign your network to make your routing work the way you want it to.
  4. Hey Riser
    My Setup of Classless static Route on Our DHCP Server, made this issue solved.
    Once Again Thank you Very Much for your Support.
  5. Thanks for following up with the solution.
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