How to clean printhead for a canon s630 printer?

Hello, How to clean printhead for an Canon s630 printer, The print head do not work, but I am hoping that giving them a good clean would help for it to work.

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  1. welcome to the forum

    not a good idea to post your email address unless you are looking to collect spam mail

    have just repaired a printer thats been sitting for 6 months and wouldnt print regardless of how many times the head cleaner was run

    its not necessarily the print head thats at fault--if the ink has dried out its possibly the little holes in the spike that punctures the ink cartridge that are blocked

    how i repaired it was to remove the ink cartridge and get some wizz glass cleaner spray (£1 in local shop) other cleaning products may work but wizz definately dissolves printer ink

    i then sprayed the glass cleaner quite generously on paper kitchen towel and put it in where the cartridge goes making sure it was making good contact with the spike that punctures the ink cartridge and then left it for 2 hours

    when i removed the paper towel it was covered in printer ink--i then put in a new cartridge and the printer worked perfectly

    my friend was going to bin the printer anyway so had nothing to lose by me trying this

    if you are not comfortable doing this-- on ebay they sell printer unblocking kits with a syringe and a little tube and fluid to dissolve the ink--does the same as i did but more expensive
  2. Thanks for your reply and advice on not posting my email on the internet.

    First, I had the printer check out at a repair printer shop and they told me that the print head are not working and that the print head are discountinual by Canon.

    Second, I have been advised that using 100% alcohol and leaving the print head in the solution for approximately 15 minutes then rinse in very hot water then air dry. This will help correct the problem witht the printhead.

    I am not sure if this is correct, but I wanted to get you advice on what I stated above. Do you think this is true to use 100% alcohol or not. I could use as near as 100% alcohol that I can find in my local drug store.

    Thanks again and I await for your reply.
  3. i know many people who have been told all sorts of things by computer shops that were totally wrong--so it doesnt mean they were right in the printer shop

    its much easier to try cleaning the printer spike holes first as getting the printer head off can be really tricky

    i am not sure if alcohol will dissolve printer ink and where you can get 100% alcohol from depending on your location--suppose vodka might do instead
  4. if they told you the print head was discontinued, then it must be an old printer. maybe its time to update. printers are really cheap now. you can get a decent multifunction unit for $50. I work repairing printers and we would never soak a print head in alcohol. We have a special solution that we do soak them in, but we rarely waste our time doing so, we normally tell people to buy a new one as the amount they are about to pay us for our time is more than the cost of a new one........
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