ASUS XONAR DG problemen

Hi all!

My ASUS XONAR DG gives an IRQ failure starting up through BIOS.
After that Windows is starting but hardware is not recognized and DVD player not working anymore.
Anyone on how to configure IRQ's for PCI ??? That is old school isn't it?

Cheers, Ed
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  1. Really? Thought auto IRQ management was par for the course these days...Seriously, I've tried to block out that type of thing...

  2. I had the first reaction like IRQ problems, Uhhh :lol:

    Motherboard is not very likely. It is a HP Proliant server I use and it shoud be rather OK I would think.

    Anyone tried to block out IRQ in the System Settings last, say 5 years. What should I try first?

    Cheers, Ed

    Check to see if the soundcard is sharing its IRQ with anything else.
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