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Hello all,

I am a college student who misses a lot of tv due to studying. Anyways I am looking to get an external tuner to record tv using windows media center. I was looking to get



I have Comcast tv and my tv requires a box and my tv is set to like channel 3 and i change the channel from the box. Will this tuner work? I know its a dual so i can record and watch at same time but will it work with the box? could i flip the tv back and forth from pc input to cable input and still record?

any help would be amazing.

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  1. The problem is the cable box. It only outputs one channel at a time. Whatever channel your cable box is set to, that's the only you can record/watch. The only solution at the moment is an internal card from Ceton Corp called the InfiniTV Card, which uses a cablecard from the cable company instead of a set top box.

    -Wolf sends


    I would note that SiliconDust is working on a triple tuner card called the HDHomeRun Prime that is an external box which also uses a cablecard.
  2. SO that internal card is the only things out there with cable card in it?


    With that internal card what is the "Multi-Stream CableCARD™ (M-Card) – available from your local cable provider" that i need?
  3. A multi-stream cablecard is just a card that you lease from your cable company:

    This card, inserted into the Ceton Corp InfiniTV Tuner card replaces the need for a set top box. Additionally, instead of handling only one channel at a time, this setup gives your four channels at the same time. So you could watch one channel while recording three others or record four channels all at once.

    Note: SiliconDust's HDHomeRun Prime works the same way, but gives your three channels instead of four.

    -Wolf sends
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