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Hey, Iw asn't really sure where to ask this but I've heard good things from this site!

So, from what I understand about ac adapters (correct me if I am wrong or there's more than that!) is the input doesn't matter too much and the output is pretty important! Now, speaking of when replacing an AC Adapter, voltage needs to be the same (or risk issues, I've heard a +-5% would be safe) and that amperage is better to have higher or equal to what you need since computers draw as much as they need (IE if it needs 6 amps and you only have an output of 5.5 there's going to be an issue)
Now, then,
I made a oops. I bought the wrong AC Adapter online. I needed a Output: 19V 6.32a for my Asus G50VT. On accident, I bought a 19V 6.3a AC Adapter. So, I'm a little stuck.
Do I bother buying another one? My old one is broken (there's white *** all over the inside of it, I'm guessing it's Potassium Oxide or something from a blown capacitor or something, I did a bit of research on it and didn't find much. It's white and foamy yet solid) and has recently completely stopped working (the day I got my AC Adapter).

I don't even know if I can return it anyway, I'm using it right now (but the original plug for outlets) and still wrapped up. I bought it from Amazon.

Does .02 amps really matter, though? I mean.. Asus comes with its own overclocking feature and I overclock the Graphics Card a little bit more (I have temperature readers on in the background just in case) and have a setup where it gets lots of air

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

edit: also had computer for over a year, so battery life isn't what it used to be anyway
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  1. Any input would be appreciated!
  2. No, it doesn't matter one little bit, you're fine. In fact getting a 150 watt 19V AC adapter would help it last longer, as these laptops tend to demand quite a bit out of the AC adapter. I'm on my 4th AC adapter! Good thing they are cheap on Ebay with 3 and 5 year warranties for about $20 shipped!
    But a lot of the 150w ac adapters on ebay are just relabeled 120W AC adapters like this one (
    120 watts is 6.3 Amps, 150 watts is 7.8 Amps.

    As long as you are in the ballpark around this amperage number it should work fine. The 19volts output is the most important thing and must be exact or very close.

    So if your replacement AC adapter ever fails then get a cheap one like here:

    If you're wondering why I'm on my 4th AC adapter, it's because I have an x9100 CPU in my G50VT and I run seti@Home on the video card and on the CPU nearly 24/7!
    The adapter gets to 150 degrees and hotter unless I put it on it's side. None of them had died a mean death, they just stop working one day and start making loud buzzing noises.
  3. For the 19V 6.32a and 19V 6.3a, it really doesnot matter, 6.32 is kind of rouded off into 6.3. You can use it with confidence.
    BTW, I bought my replace adapter on amazon brand named Anker with UL listed(, which works perfectly, never gets hot, no noise at all, I felt it works better than my original one.
    I found that there are few ul-verified adapters on market, but i trust it a lot as a safety mark, and it really does!
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