MMO Gamer needs good upgrade

hi guys

my system specs: i had it for 3 years except gigabyte motherboard

gigabyte EP45-UD3R motherboard

Intel E7200 O.C to 3.6ghz

zalman CPU heat sink

4gigs of ram Corsair 6400C4DHX

WD hard drive 160gigs

EVGA 9800GTX+ O.C core clock:777/ shader:1934 /memory:2420

19" LCD monitor (just bought 20" LCD monitor recently)

PSU 650Watt

I've been playing this MMO game called Jade Dynasty for a year...the FPS was decent like 35-40ish FPS until i got the 20" LCD i hooked it up and made dual screen set up. i didn't expected the performance of graphic card would drop. the purpose of adding another monitor is because the way i play this MMO game, i always play 4 accounts at the same time (4 game clients) and my 19" monitor was too small so i decided to buy another one which is 20".

money isn't the problem but i'm not looking for like super monster PC with water cooling set up, SSD, Intel Extreme CPU.....i'm not that type of gamer max out in video setting, i just my game play go smooth.

question is upgrade or build a new system?

for Upgrade: list the parts i should upgrade

for new system: list the part i should build

thanks in advance
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  1. i dont think you need a brand new system to play Jade Dynasty....
    id recommend getting a new cpu (preferably quad core like a Q9400) and getting a new gpu, but not something like a 6990 (that be overkill) maybe a gtx 560 would be nice.
    P.S 4 ACCOUNTS?!?!?!?! ....seriously?
  2. Go for Gtx 460,great price/performance/overclocking/bang for bucks!
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