Motherboard and Related Questions/Refresher

Hi all, just looking for a refresher on some of the newer parts out now.

First, H61/H67 - as I understand it the only differences are related to the SATA ports, am I missing something?

Then, P67/Z68 - why would someone want a P67 board? What benefits are there to it...

Moving onto processors (I'm not against AMD by any means) but I'm having trouble finding CPUs they offer that are better value or whatever you want to call it, than their Intel counterparts. I'm sure I'm overlooking something though...

Finally, SSDs... Are the OCZ Vertex 3/Agility 3 basically the go to options?

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! I'll fill out the build form soon, I just want some general information beforehand so I can do a little looking around myself.
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  1. Any partial answer to any of the questions is fine, great in fact... 4 views :(
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