I5 2500k 124 degrees?????

Bios idle is 55-65 which is quite hot but not unheard of after doing a few google searches.

However after a couple hours of light browsing and installing a few programs I decided to download speed fan. Checked my cpu temps and i was honestly shocked to see them at 124 degrees.....

I restarted my computer and went straight into bios and my temps were back to 65. Now i'm no physicist but surely theres no way that 60 degrees can dissipate so rapidly?

wtf is going on here?

wtf is going on here?
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  1. and now speed fan says -60 whatever that may mean -.- so i take it the programs faulty? but say it wasn't, how the hell did my cpu get that hot
  2. Hi.

    Update your mobo with the latest BIOS version available and check the temps with HWmonitor or core temp.

    And for the 120ºC, it's a typo, if those temps was real in this moment you should be buying another CPU.
  3. downloaded core temp and each core is at 40 degrees now, thats more like it :P cheers, i'll download the updates in a bit
  4. It may be a dying fan. Look for strange noises or buzzes cominf from every fans. Also try to make them spin with your fingers: if it stops spinning in a few seconds then you need to change those buggy fans.
  5. Someone needs to warn people that speed fan is not a reason to start going crazy as it gives bad readings.
    I downloaded it on my new pc it said my cpu was -68 and after my pc came back up after a 2 hour sleep it said 120.
    I down loaded Core Temp and everything has been fine as it seem to read the correct Temp.
    Perhaps Speedfan does not read the i5 and i7 CPUs correctly.
  6. I agree with Ming I have an i7 4930k and speedfans cpu temp stuck at 124c. However, this is the ONLY time I've seen it give a false reading after 5 years of use. I really like speedfan alot, but the H100i software shows it at 29c so it appears it does have a problem with the i7 reading.
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