Which GPU to plug monitors into when in SLI? Temps?

I currently just installed 2 gtx 460 Se's in SLI today

When I was running 1 GPU, the GPU was in the lower PCIex16 slot( Farther from CPU). Now I am running two GPU's I am still plugging my monitors into the same GPU which is now GPU 2. I have both monitors plugged into one GPU , GPU 2.

Does it matter which GPU I plug my monitors into? Should I plug one monitor into each GPU or plug them into the same GPU. Im running one in HDMI and one in DVI. Different monitors with my main one HDMI.

I am thinking since GPU 1 gets hotter because its on top, I figure I should plug the monitors into the lower one because it will generally be cooler during load.

During Idle or during non gaming, my GPU 2 is running at about 36 degrees and my top one is running about 32 degrees. Are the temps higher on the bottom one because my monitors are plugged into them?
During gaming my GPU 2 is running about 50 and my top one, GPU 1 is running about 58.

On a side note: I just tested these via 3DVantage and am very happy with the results of the SE's, even though it is deemed a weaker card.
1 GPU Results @ core clock : 775Mhz, Memory Clock 1700 Mhz: 3D Mark score 16839, Graphics score 13828, CPU score 48456 Average 40.7 FPS

2 GPU Results @ Core clock 775 Mhz Memory Clock 1750 Mhz: 3D Mark Score 27864, Graphics score 24753, CPU Score 44731, Average FPS 73 FPS

2 GPU Results( No overclock): 3D Mark Score 24773, Graphics score 21765, CPU Score 42360, Average FPS 64 FPS

Not sure if these overclock settings above are safe or not.....

Thanks guys.
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    id suggest you plug it into GPU1 but if your happy with it then...'dont fix what isnt broken' as they say.
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