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My internet connection on my work network went down on thursday, I did the usual: power cycle modem, release/renew ip, pinged my loop back adress with no problems, tried to repair the connection and nothing is seeming to work, Im connected to a wireless belkin router which goes to a Netgear fast ethernet router (Model Fs108). My connection is showing as connected even has bites sent and recieved (although there is a lock displayed on the connection) I am unable to display any pages even thought it says the connection is fine. Ive tried disabling the device and reenabling it, I've made sure ip is obtained automatically. I've bypassed the wireless router and fed straight into the netgear router to no avail. Something that is curious, I am able to ping the default gateway from the comptuer or even the domain controller but when i try to ping the computer FROM the domain controller it times out and is unreachable. Can anyone give me some more trouble shooting suggestions??? Any help will be much appreciated!
P.S. let me know if any other information is needed.
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  1. Can you provide a diagram or a better description of what your network layout looks like?

    You also mentioned you had 2 routers in place.
  2. My computer goes to the belkin wireless, from the wireless I go to the netgear router which I believe feeds to the main switch which goes to the default gateway. I did not set up the network myself I only work here =) Im begining to think it is a problem with the wireless router because my ipod touch which normally picks up a signal just fine from the belkin, is doing the same thing as my computer, which is saying it is connected with full signal strength but unable to to use internet. The only thing I have tried cutting out the wirelss router to see if that was the problem and pluggin directly to the netgear router and it didn't work, maybew i need to power cycle the router once I connect to it?
    Sorry about poor grammar spelling I am in a rush here at work.
    Thanks again for input!
  3. Also i'm running trend micro client/server security althought it's showing that the personal firewall for that computer is turned off, I have also disabled the windows firewall.
  4. Bump help me please!
  5. So you have 2 routers in place?

    Default Gateway (router) --> Main switch --> NetGear Router --> Belkin Wireless.

    The internet connection should come into a router. From there you could have the switch come off the router. Everything else plugs into the switch. You do not need 2 routers on your network as this would cause issues.
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