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Hey so I bought a geforce GT 240 and it requires a min of 300W or greater system power supply (w/ a minimum 12V current rating of 18A). My main problem is that my PC keeps freezing upon booting when I have this card on (It freezes on BIOS), but when I use my radeon 2600 pro it works like a charm . My PC is has a Windows XP OS, 1.5GB RAM, 200GB HDD and 300W power supply (stock). I'm assuming that the problem is my power supply. Is that really the case?

Note that I did uninstall my display drivers and I did switch the BIOS to PCI-E x16...
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  2. you just answered your own question.... get a better psu (preferably 400 watt or more and make sure its a GOOD brand like corsair)
  3. Corsair 430CX 430W power supply $19 AR
  4. The GeForce GT 240 will draw a maximum of 5.75 Amps from the +12 Volt rail(s) under full GPU load.

    The Radeon HD 2600 Pro (256 MB) will draw a maximum of 3.2 Amps from the +12 Volt rail(s) under full GPU load.

    Since you haven't posted any information about your power supply's +12 Volt rail(s) DC output specifications we can only guess that the problem may be insufficient +12 Volt rail capacity.
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