Q8200 to Phenom II x4 965 performance increase?

A few months ago I upgraded my GPU, PSU, and some other small parts. Now I'm looking to upgrade to Windows 7 along with a new CPU and Mobo. My current rig is outfitted with an intel q8200 and I want to replace it with an AMD phenom ii x4 965 BE, will I see a noticeable/significant jump in performance? Also this will be my first time crossing an AMD CPU with a Nvidia GPU, is there any issues crossing these two brands? I've been told I might have some unwanted effects but I'm no so sure I believe that.
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  1. Forgot to mention this desktop is mostly for gaming (Sarcraft 2, Total War, Sims 3, soon to be SWTOR) and music.
  2. Considering that the Phenom II x4 965 BE is a little over 1.0GHz faster then the C2Q Q8200, the 965 BE should provide a little better performance. The Phenom II X4 series is about as powerful as the 2nd generation C2Q CPUs (Yorkfield) on a clock for clock basis.

    Not sure if it is worth justifying the cost of buying a new motherboard and RAM in addition to the 965BE.

    The dual core Core i3-2100 can easily outperform the 965 BE in games. Therefore, I would go with that or save up a little more for a Core i5 CPU for even better performance.

    AMD video cards works in nVidia motherboards. nVidia video cards work in AMD motherboards.
  3. not enough of an upgrade IMO. Wait till you have enough cash for an i5 or wait till AMD bulldoser chips are released.
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