CFX HD5850 with 600W PSU

Hey, I just bought the newegg shellshocker Corsair 600W PSU on a whim. I'm planning on getting a Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme with my build and might decide on going up to CFX int he future. I was wondering if the PSU would be able to crossfire this card properly. I have a feeling its a no, since the PSU only comes with one set of 6-pin connectors.
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    ya it cant i think you got a cx 600 and that puts out only 520w. that wont be enough for cf
  2. the TX650 should able to handle CFX for the future though right? I guess I'll stick with it and swap out a new power supply later if I decide to get another card...
  3. ya the tx650 will do
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  5. mjmjpfaff said:
    ya the tx650 will do

    No it will not, it only has two PCIe connectors as well. It does have enough power, but you would have to use peripheral to PCIe adapters (which I'm not a fan of).
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