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Hi Guys,

I have 2 camcorders.

I need a portable power supply that is small and light enough to carry around. I've been unable in finding anything decent. I stumbled upon UPS's and notice many are very small, light weight and sleek - perfect for carrying around.

My question is: Can I use a UPS to power my camcorders, and if so, generally speaking, would one be able to power them (simultaneously) for over 4 hours or so?

Camcorder stats:
One says:
Power Supply: DC7.2V / 9.3V
Power Consumption: Max. 7.4W (Recording) / Max. 10.9W (Charging)

Second says:
Power Supply: (rated) 7.4 V DC (battery pack), 8.4 V DC (DC IN)

Have been looking at some like this: CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD

Thanks so much for anyone that helps! I'm open to other ideas as well. Panasonic/Canon wants $100's of dollars for measly 3 hour batteries!
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  1. think that ups is only to allow you time to shut down your pcs in a power cut not keep them running for hours--and its about 16 pounds in weight--bit heavy if you have to carry it far along with other gear--this may be what you are looking for
  2. I'm not so sure a UPS is what your looking for, mcnumpty23 seems to have suggested a better solution.
    I'm curious what UPS you found to very small, light weight and sleek?
    Unfortunately most of the UPS's I've seen are cumbersome and heavy.
    Also of note the SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries they use in most UPS's aren't designed to be carried around.

    Good luck

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