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Just put together a computer with p67a-g43 mobo, i5 2500k cpu with hyper 212+ heatsink. When i turn on the computer the fans go on and off doesnt get to the post or anything. Any ideas.

The only thing I've done so far is taken off the heatsink to see if any of the pins are bent on the cpu and there isnt.
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  1. do you get any beeps (like 3 short beeps, or 1 short and one long...)?
    this means there is a problem, check the manual of the mobo to see what part gives problems.

    if there are no beeps:
    -tell us every component
    -tell us what power supply you have (chances are that it doesnt have enough power)
    -check that every component is plugged in correctly
  2. Sounds like your PSU can't handle it?
  3. check you plugged in the 4 pin or 8pin connector as well as the 20/24 main power connector
  4. That's your power supply. Make sure you connected your 4/8 pin connector in, your 24 pin, and make sure that you plugged in your HDD right, that should solve it :)
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