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Hi, everyone!
I am interested in putting together my first gaming pc. First thing, is it going to be hard? I am looking at a budget of around $1000-$1500. What parts do I need to build a gaming pc (like "you would need a motherboard, graphics card, etc...)? Also, suggestions for a build would be great. I want to be able to play the latest games at an OK or good rate. I play Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Source a lot. Is it better putting it together myself or going to a third party? If you say a third party is better, where should I go? Thanks for replying guys! :D
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  1. im happy to see that you are willing to learn how to put together a computer. First of its not that hard its like legos. The parts youl need is case, cpu, gpu, psu, ram, mobo, some fans, hard drive, and cd/dvd writer and reader. I would say its better putting it by yourself as you always learn something new and its experience you gain from it. Since you can put down 1000 to 1500 i would go with a intel/nvidia build and get a blu ray player and burner as well :) Its getting late so i will come up with a build for you tomorrow.

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