Your GTX 570 Overclocks?

I just bought an MSI GTX 570 OC edition. I'm just wondering what overclocks you guys are getting under what voltages.
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  1. And 3dmark Vantage score please!
  2. i just biuld a new pc and i can't change the core voltage on the MSI GTX570 TF3 Newegg discribtion:
    Triple Over-voltage and 6+1 Phase Power System Supporting triple over-voltage function, the MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC graphic card enables you to easily adjust the voltage of the GPU, memory and PLL for more overclocking potential using the MSI-exclusive Afterburner utility. Additionally, a more robust, 6+1 phase power system delivers 40% more power than the reference design to enhance OC stability at high loads.
  3. @KX2250. I had that problem for a while too. It's just the version of Afterburner you have. Try updating or getting a beta (I went with a beta) and remember to enable Voltage changing in the settings.
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