Is my 460 GTX defective

Well I started out with a new system with

MSI 450 GTS factory overclocked

MSI G45-870 Mobo

3 GB Ram

500 Watt OCZ stealthxtreme2 psu

Phenom II x2 3.2

this system worked perfectly fine but then I replaced my 450 with a MSI 460 GTX and I keep gettings "The Nvidia drivers have crashed and have recovered" or something along those lines when my screen goes black for a second. It doesnt really happen when I game but a lot on the windows desktop and browsing the web. So is this card broken?

Can I return it to newegg for a replacement even though I already downloaded the free games I got with it or go striaght to msi?
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  1. Try new drivers and check the temps. The GTX 460 can be like some women, very picky and has needs like every thing else. Your psu shouldn't be an issue if the unit is as quality as I would like to assume with that brand unless there is a defect.
  2. Hey, The GTX 460 you got from newegg re-certified???
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