Need some HAF X filter help....

My computer will be in a very dusty location (unfortunately).

I was looking at the Cooler Master HAF X

But, it looks like it only has a filter on the front intake, not on the bottom.

Is this correct? Is there only a front fan dust filter? And, if so, is there any way to get filters for the bottom fans?

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  1. Cut up a pair of ladies' pantyhose and stick them in squares to the outside part of the fan (on the case side of the intake fan). Repeat (two layers of pantyhose). It keeps out dust more effectively than most buyable filters, you simply dispose of them when they get dirty and buy a new pair of pantyhose.

    Bloody genius.
  2. How do you get them attached to the fans?
  3. Easiest way is a couple peices of double sided tape, or use it's (the fans') mount screws to secure them.
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    The HAF-X has micromesh filters on the front, top(both), side, and bottom fans. Only ones without are the back.
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