Anyone know about or how to get a old case named Alienware ?

Aloha from Hawaii folks,

I have been posting about finding a certain case that I cannot ....... " I D ."
Well I think I have it little now. i found out it was called A Chieftec Dragon,
but now it seems I am really looking for a copy or sorta cloned case.
The case I like to have is and old Alienware in a suppose Chieftec case.
I might be wrong on this but correct me if you know about it. A friens told me
it is a big Antec ....... DA-01-BU-OD Steel full Tower. Alienwaren used it in 2000-
2001-2 to make their case's.
Ok , now this came up:
What I have found is it has 14 bays, 2 fans on the back, 1 in a bay bracket,
and is a look alike of the Antec 1080. This all was , I D 'ed before but it bugs me
about the case manufactuer Chieftec. There are people onthis forum that speak
speak about having it from before times and deciding to use them again.
One guy said he had it in his basement since 2002, but it was all dusty up.
If sme could email me with some sort of picture it would help me alot to
Identify it. allIknow isit was used for Alienware PC 's back then.Seen the case while
brousing and it is on the ..... ( Pacific Geeks site for sale but out of stock. )
My email is .......... ............. LongBike
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  1. rolli59

    Thank you for your response back. I checked Ebay and those are nice cases, but they are not the case I am looking for. This case now I found out was a clone from Chieftec called a dragon. Thave beeen looking alot
    on the websitesa , but no such luck, This case seems to be a clone between a couple case. Antec has something to do with it. I have to see if I can figure out how to get those pictures posted I have them on ..... Image Shack , .... so am going to see abot doing that.
    Thanks for the reply and help.

  2. Is that case an old Soyo Dragon? I used to have one, and they were very heavy, very nice cases.
  3. rolli59 said:

    Aloha rolli59,

    I have been posting on a case, but there is another one I cold do with some information
    that I found out is the same one, a dupilcate of my posting one.

    This cae made by AntecI think the numbers are this, could be wrong but the website's say it is.
    Antec DA-01BD Full Tower 1040 ll, ..........The one I like to see about is a huge big gamer one they
    made. I now they are old , but they shouls fit my need I think. T comunity talks about them,
    but alot of the guys say difficult to find now. But I will keep looking.

  4. ohiou_grad_06 said:
    Is that case an old Soyo Dragon? I used to have one, and they were very heavy, very nice cases.

    Aloha ohiou_grad_

    Hi and thanks for the reply,

    Hi , someone told me that, but when I looked it up it is different. This one I tried to get posted here, but have to figure it out. I have a image shack account, but I was told to post the web link.
    The only lik I can find is this , but haven't tried it. It states this Http:// /
    another one is like this ,............... Http://
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