Any problems or suggestions?

I'm going to build a high-end gaming rig, and I want to make sure that all of the parts are ok. i don't mind new suggestions and constructive criticism, but no flaming plz. :D :D

my rig:
cooler master HAF X
ROG rampage III extreme
intel i7 960 OC to 4.8 ghz...if possible
AMD radeon 6950 2gb in quad-CF
24gb corsair dominator 1600 mhz
cooler master v8
2x lite-on IHBS212
corsair AX-1200W
WD caviar black 2TB
corsair force series 120gb SSD

thx for suggestions ^.^
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  1. The i7 960 is older technology. I'd be more inclined to go for a Sandy Bridge CPU, like an i7 2600K or i5 2500K.

    I'm guessing you are going for the i7 960 to get the extra PCIe lanes for your quad Crossfire. I don't know if that is the optimum strategy. It's an interesting approach, and I'd like to see benchmarks for it.

    I'm curious as to the rationale for have two identical optical drives.
  2. compulsivebuilder, ur exactly right. :] is the i7 980 better suited? i cant get the 990x cuz it will totally kill my wallet. i could opt for the i7 2600k on the ROG maximus IV extreme and get tri-cf, but my ego, not to mention my fps's, will not be DAT gud. :|
  3. VIncent
    I would be sure the SSD to on that had the new sandforce 2281 controller on it(new Z68 also will run sata3), and you can get patriots for under $200. I would also go with the Maximus IV Extreme Z68 with a 2600k processor...cant touch it for the money-speed and gaming period. And last I think you might want to consider the Corsair Hydro H100 or H70 over air colling full load with the video cards a blazing it will keep you cooler. Looks like a smokin rig....nice job
  4. The fourth VGA will not get you anything other than problems. The performance gain is neglected or absent in quad CF.
  5. hmmm i might go for the h70, because as far as i can see there is no way i can mount the h100 on da haf x without modding. :|
  6. as for the mobo and CPU, I am considering going for the sandy bridge and Z68, based on the comments so far.
  7. Called Cooler Master to ask about H100 mounting and they said:

    "should be ok."

    I feel that they are not basing this on exact product testing or customer feedback, but I read a lot of reviews of the H100 on Amazon and NewEgg and many people confirm that they are mounting it to the inside top of the HAF X case.

    I am considering this same cooler for my HAF X or the H60. But, I don't know if the gains are worth paying for the larger cooler.
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