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Hi all,

Was wishing to buy a new system completely when I got my tax refund, but just figured those out last night and that isn't going to happen. So I have a question about upgrading my graphics.

Currently running a Q6600 Core 2 quad at stock 2.4Ghz, 4GB RAM and SLI 8800GT's.
Getting about 30-40 FPS when running Black Ops

Black Ops is using less that 50% of the CPU when running. Would only upgrading my graphics cards give me significant FPS improvement? If so, what would you suggest?
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  1. Got the latest patch and drivers? I would expect slightly more of your system in that game.

    Screen resolution?
    What other games, if any?
  2. Should be fully patched, Steam takes cares of that. Drivers were a little behind, but I updated them last week.

    Only other game is CoD4 right now, looking forward to Battlefield 3, but I have a bad feeling about how this system will handle that.

    I would keep budget under $300
    Res I run for CoD4 is 1920x1080
    Black Ops I only run 1280x720

    Using FRAPS for the FPS #
  3. Guess I could also mention running Win7 64bit Ultimate.
  4. The card I was looking at was the ASUS GeForce GTX 560 Ti.
    But the more I have been reading on the Steam forums, it appears that it wont really help. It seems people there have gotten better results just dual booting XP and running Black Ops in that VS. improving their hardware
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