Help me upgrade my pc!

I'm planning to upgrade my processor,motherboard,and ram but i'm not sure if it would help its gaming performace. Budget is very tight so i'm planning to get the cheapest h61 mobo from asrock, an i5 2400, and an 8GB kit from G skill.

This is my PC specs as of now:

CPU: Athlon 5200+(2.7GHz) @ 3.1GHZ
Mobo: Biostar GF8100m+ se
GPU: Palit HD4870 1GB Sonic

to the following components:

CPU: Core i5 2400
Mobo: MSI H61 e23 or Asrock H61M VS
RAM: Gskill Sniper 8GB kit
GPU: i'll still use my hd4870

so guys, will it gain so more fps? Currently playing Crysis 2 on hardcore settings, vsync on at 1600x1200 which gives me about 24 average fps.. i plan on overclocking my HD4870 once i've collected the parts. how much performance gain will i see? is it worth it or the hd4870 is already at its limit?

please i need your advice guys..thanks!
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  1. Thanks pshacker12 but as of now i am not planning to upgrade my gpu and i am shooting for an intel sandy bridge. my budget is only 345 USD or about 14,500 php here in philippines. Parts here are quite expensive.

    Going in AMD route would be cheaper for the processor, however to match the performance i would get from an intel build would mean overclocking the pII 945 to approx 4ghz...and to achieve this speed, i would need to purchase new cooler and psu.That would cost about the same with a new h61 mobo and i5 2400. DDR2 mems here are more expensive than DDR 3 modules...I could get 8GB DDR3 for about 3k PHP while only 4GB modules of good DDR 2 counterparts.

    What i am really concerned about is if this intel upgrade will add performance to my GPU since they say that my current cpu is limiting my GPU.

    Is my overclocked Athlon 64 x2 5200+(2.7GHz stock) @ 3.1GHz still bottleneck for HD4870?

    Will i notice some performance gain and how much?

    Thanks again for your reply.. i really appreciate it...
  2. Provided that the mainboard isnt too old i suggest you get 1 upgarde, the cpu can be upgraded very cheaply, get either the AMD Phenom II X4 840 or a even cheaper one, the AMD Athlon II X3 460( or any of the other 4** series ones ). These should be alot faster than your current one, the mainboard should support them, then save for a motherboard/ cpu change later on. The HD4870 isnt that much slower than the current gpu's.
  3. You can actually get another motherboard in without having to reinstall windows.
    Search on it for the internet. I've done it so anyone can.
    What ps3hacker says is pretty much true. The 945 is a decent processor and i dont think it'll bottleneck the 560, which is a great great card.
    For gaming i'd say an 2500k + 4gb ram + 560Ti would be a heck of an upgrade. I got the P67 Extreme 4 mobo and have to say it performs perfectly.
  4. Thanks for your advise guys! OS is not a problem. Maybe i'll just go with my planned upgrade and then sell my HD4870 later so i could get a GTX 560 Ti you mentioned. I think i will change my current mobo which is 2 yrs old now. I think i will try intel again so i'm sticking with i5.

    The Config will be:

    A. CPU: Core i5 2400
    Mobo: MSI H61 e23 or Asrock H61M VS
    RAM: G skill Sniper 8GB kit DDR3
    GPU: Palit HD4870 1GB @ 800Mhz/1000Mhz

    B. CPU: Core i5 2400
    Mobo: MSI H61 e23 or Asrock H61M VS
    RAM: G skill Sniper 8GB kit DDR3
    GPU: GTX 560Ti

    Now guys, my last question is what average framerates per second will I get in Crysis 2 in max settings @ 1600x1200 in option (A) and in Option (B).

    Thanks again guys.
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