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Hey guys. Alright so I have an ASUS M4A88TD-V motherboard (128MB Sideport, and 8GB of DDR3). My primary graphics card is a XFX Radeon 5770, and I have the onboard 880G chip. I'm pushing a 22" Monitor for the main display, and I just acquired a 17" that I want to use as a secondary. My question is should I run the secondary monitor alongside the primary on the 5770, or should I run it off the integrated. I'm not planning on playing games on that one, and I don't want to potentially decrease performance of games on the primary. Any suggestions?
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  1. Run both monitors from the 5770 discrete card. You should not see any noticeable decrease in performance when gaming on your main monitor and using the secondary for internet browsing or whatever.
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