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Is an Upgrade from Intel core 2 E6300 to Core 2 quad Q6600 worth it?

Hi everybody as the title says I am intending to upgrade both my mobo and cpu (p35 + q6600) from the current (965p + e6300) . This because my current mobo cant reach above 400 fsb and I have to run very loose ram timings for it to be stable even though my ram is rated for 800mhz and cas 5. I am running my e6300 at 2.8ghz now.

This is because I am on an extreme budget(created and enforced by a naggy wife) but I still want to get a decent gpu like the 6950.

I can still sell my e6300 + 965p ds3 to recoup some losses.

Now refering to an article from tomshardware Tom's CPU Architecture Shootout: 16 CPUs, One Core Each, And 3 GHz : A Real (Theoretical) Performance Shootout
I get the impression the Q6600 is sufficient to feed an amd 6950.

Furthermore the Q6600 chip I am getting is a G0 stepping which should OC to 3.2~3.4ghz.

So are 2 extra cores, an increase in cache and a min of 400mhz bump in clock speed a worthy budget upgrade?
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  1. The reason for the upgrade is for Gaming only. I do not encode video or render anything.
    The upgrade fee should be about $58 as I am selling the 965p + e6300 .

    Furthermore the new generation i5 2500k + mobo +ddr3 ram will set me back $330 min + $54 =384 for ddr3 where i live

    Selling away my 965p mobo + e6300 chip+ ddr2 ram should net me an extra 114

    Therefore 384 - 114 = $270 difference.

    Refering to comparisons between the 2500k and the q6600 from anandtech , AnandTech - Bench - CPU

    There will be on average a difference of 25+ framerates.
    Ignore the price I paid for my current rig (refered to Sunk cost in accounting and finance jargon)

    So taking the price difference between the systems and divided it by framerate difference, I will be paying $270/25 = $10.8 per frame. Any opinions on my Methodology ? Am I just rationalizing my extreme cheapness so that i become "penny wise, pound foolish"?

    All prices in USD
    Thanks for your fast responses
  2. Wow this is a hard one to give you a really value. Since you state that you are gaming with this system I am going to say that the performance upgrade to a Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q6600 (not counting on overclocking) from a E6300 would be a fairly low value upgrade. If you can ensure that you can sale your old system and that you would only have to outlay $58 and keep your down time very short then it might be worth it.

    The real problem with that upgrade is that all the money you spend on it is not going to be usable on any newer builds. DDR 2 is done, socket 775 is done, heck we are going to be moving to PCI-E 3.0 so even the older cards are running out of time. I have always tried to keep some of my builds having an upgrade path and this has none.

    With the Intel Core i5-2500K not only do you get the ability to overclock this processor but the socket 1155 that it is using is already being talked about in our next processors and with a number of boards manfacturers already stating that their products are ready for them.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  3. Thanks for the advice. The only issue i have is that the 2500k + mobo + amd 6950 is out of my budget. And as enthusiasts know, if I am going to be gaming , the best bang for buck upgrade is always going to be a GPU. My current gpu is a the nvidia 8800gt and while its holding its ground well for its age, i butchered the HSF slightly while trying to mod a bigger fan on it. Now it overheats on more demanding games. So my main concern would be,
    Would a Q6600 chip, OCed to 3.2ghz be able to feed the amd 6950 adequately ?
  4. i am hoping it will because i am getting a used q6600 G0 to feed my gtx580.
    after this "upgrade", i will wait for haswell.
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    There was another thread about an overclocked q6600 and high end video cards. You might need to push it closer to 3.3-3.4 to completely rid yourself of any potential bottleneck, maybe 3.6 for the gtx 580.

    My opinion is for fifty dollars it's not a bad upgrade if your going to overclock to 3.2 or higher.
  6. if you have to swap out your current motherboard anyway, your better off with an amd phenom II x4 setup.
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  8. Thanks everyone for the advice my q6600 cpu is running at 3.4ghz flawlessly with a pk5. No use pushing it to 3.5-3.6ghz yet asl i am waiting for a good deal in my local forums (singapore) for an amd 6950 and then ill do up a benchmark with my favourite games.
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