Router and external POE External antenna?

I just recently installed two external antennas. One is and Access Point (AP) connected to a Netgear router with internet (I will call this antenna #1). The other antenna is about 1 block away. (I will call this one #2).

Antenna #2 is connected to antenna #1

So I can get internet at #2 but only with the ethernet connected directly into a computer. As soon as I plug it into my Ativa router, the connection goes to local only and I lose internet. The two antennas are WEP encrypted. I am not using MAC IP filtering at the moment. I would like to once I get this other working first.

Before I added the WEP all 4 items worked great. Netgear router supplies internet via hardwire to antenna #1. Antenna #1 sends the internet WIFI to Antenna #2. Antenna #2 is hardwired to my Ativa router. 1 computer is hardwired to the Ativa router and my laptop is on the WIFI broadcasted by the Atica router. Both computers had access to the internet.

Also I can connect to antenna #1 with the WIFI on my laptop and get internet from it.


Any suggestions why when I added the WEP to the antennas now my Ativa router wont connect?
Do I want my Ativa connection type in Dynamic, Static or PPPoE?

I have been working on this for the last 2 days and just have this last step PLEASE HELP!

Thank you,
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  1. did you connect Antenna #2 to one of the four LAN ports on the Ativa?
  2. Emerald said:
    did you connect Antenna #2 to one of the four LAN ports on the Ativa?

    I have tried both the lan ports and modem port. When the WEP wasn't enabled it worked in the modem port. I never tried it in one of the lan ports.
  3. when WEP was active did you have a separate wireless security setup on the Ativa?
  4. Yes. Antenna 1 and 2 are 64bit WEP and the Ativa is WPA2 with a passphrase. When I get home I will try with no encryption on the Ativa and see if that works. Any other suggestions?

    Thank you,
  5. Does the Antenna #1 and #2 network have its own/separate SSID?

    Do you want computers connected to the Ativa be able to see computers on the Netgear?
  6. yes antenna #1 and #2 have different SSIDs. It doesn't really matter to see the computers on the netgear. My goal is to shoot the internet from the netgear to the ativa. I dont want to share it until it reaches the ativa.
    Thank you,
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