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Hey Folks, i have a little issue with overclocking my cpu. The motherboard i have is a factory made acer g5900 motherboard but does not have the ability to overclock in the bios the settings are missing, or to put it blunty they don't exsit. But, it did come with a program called Intel Extreme Tuning Utility but the thing is i can't use it. All the manual options are greyed out, and auto tune does nothing but sit there lifelessly. has anyone ever had experience with this program? If so i would be dying to know how to fix this. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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  1. The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is only compatible with the following Intel-made mobos:
    Intel® Desktop Board DP67BG
    Intel® Desktop Board DX58OG
    Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO2
    It will not be able change settings on your system, which is why the relevant fields are greyed out.
    Your best bet is to look for a BIOS update, which may unlock overclocking features. Otherwise there's not much you can do. Good luck man!
  2. So would this mean i'd have to flash my BIOS? if so. I'd need some steps, or help with this. Could you help?
  3. RTFM?
  4. Thanks for your insightful comment. But it would help if windows 7 wasn't such a bitch in 64 bit, and won't do it. And it doesn't tell you how to make a USB bootable ect. It only tells you what to type, and the codes. Then tells you not to do it anyway since it can render the motherboard useless. So no, that doesn't help and tried. Otherwise i wouldn't be here.
  5. "Acer g5900 motherboard" doesn't lead to anything. I've searched on Acer's site but it comes up blank. It sounds like you did read the manual so I'd do that. I've never read a manual that says "so don't do it" like you claim. They do say only do it if you really need to. Grab the bios update file, make the bootable USB, type what it says to update the bios. DON'T TURN IT OFF UNTIL ITS DONE!!! Once your done you'll have the newest bios. No clue if you'll be able to OC at that point or not.
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