Is my motherboard still the problem?

Hi everyone. I recently got my motherboard back from Gigabyte through an RMA in which they repaired it. When I went to test out my computer and plug everything in, it still wouldn't post and I have the same warning lights lit up on the motherboard. The difference now is when I unplug my video card and boot up the computer, the warning lights go away. Before the mobo was repaired, the warning lights would show up no matter what I did. So could this possibly indicate a faulty video card?

I ended up buying an internal motherboard speaking to see if that would diagnose the problem. When I would have everything plugged in, it wouldnl't make a beep, but a light click noise about every 10 seconds. I removed the video card and then I got the beep of one long, and two short which indicates the video card isn't installed.

My motherboard is a x58a-ud3r and my video card is a 5870. Gigabyte already issued me another RMA number to send it back in, but I wan't to make sure it isn't something else like the video card.
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  1. Try to test the video card in another computer.
  2. If I had one, I would. The only other person I know who has a gaming computer offered to stop offer to test his video card on my computer, but I haven't heard back from him. So I'm trying to scratch together any other logical conclusions, if possible.
  3. Your system generating a failed POST would seem to indicate that the problem is the video card, but it still could be the motherboard or the PSU. It is also possible that you have two problems (I know, not what you wanted to hear). That is why testing your video card in another computer would be a better idea - and a bit safer.

    It is possible that your motherboard ate your video card and that it would also eat another good one. Not likely, but possible.
  4. Ok. Thanks for the replies. I'm trying to get a hold of the friend who offered it to test it. Hopefully he'll pull through.
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