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I currently have a ATI Radeon HD 4770 running two monitors, but what i'd like is to install an additional graphics card (PCIe) with a HDMI output, so that i can run a 5metre HDMI cable straight to my TV to watch movies on. Is this possible?

Will windows 7 x64 take two seperate graphics cards?
Do they both have to be ATI?

Any help would be great, and any suggestions for a HDMI capable graphics card would also be nice.


P.S My ASUS board supports crossfire if this is any help?!
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  1. You can add a second PCI-e card with no problems. I THINK it will still need to be an ATI card (don't quote me on that...), but you should be able to use any model you want. Don't worry about crossfire, it won't allow you to hook up any more monitors.
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