HI :hello:
K im stuck between these 3 graphic cards. the cards are:
1) Powercolor PCI-E Radeon AX5850 1GB GDDR5
2)Powercolor PCI-E Radeon AX6850 1GB GDDR5
3)ASUS GTX 460 1gb direct CU TOP edition

im looking for performance in games mostly, and dx 11 features..CRYSIS 2... :D
so any help would be great, im just stuck at the moment. ;) thnx
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  1. any1??
  2. Quote:
    "Gaming performance has already delivered a big win for the GeForce GTX 460 over ATI's Radeon HD 5830 video card, regardless of 768MB and 1GB variety. Given a modest factory overclock, the $230 ASUS ENGTX460 DirectCU TOP/2DI/1GD5 was able to easily outperform the ATI Radeon HD 5850 video card, which sells for $60 more. Taking all of the collected test results into consideration, there were a few occasions when the ASUS ENGTX460 TOP also surpassed Radeon HD 5870 performance. It's important for gamers to remember that only NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 460 video card can offer PhysX and 3D-Vision functionality, and does so while producing less heat and requiring less power at idle. The ASUS ENGTX460 TOP easily captured the best price to performance ratio in every single game tested, often times offering a better value than the stock GeForce GTX 460. At the end of our test gauntlet, these results prove that ASUS' ENGTX460 is clearly the best choice at $230... and also a better choice than their own GeForce GTX-465"
  3. Given only the choices you've provided... If you are going to only go for a single card, the 5850 beats the others even in DX11 titles. If you ever think you will use more than one card, I'd recommend the 460 because nvidia offers better driver support for multi-card setups.

    Here's a good review for single-card setups with each of the cards listed:

    Single-card recommendation: 5850
    Multi-card recommendation: 460

    5850s are running as low as $160 these days. If you're willing to go $200 (only $20 more than the 6850s), the 5870s become available.
  4. thnx great help :D
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