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I just purchased a Gateway DX4320-04e. It came with a 300W power supply and an ATI HD5450 graphics card. I just purchased a Sapphire ATI 5770 1G and would like to know what power supply I should upgrade to, or if I need to at all.

Thanks, Robert
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  1. Can anybody help? Thanks.
  2. well i don't know wether gateway uses standard atx-psus or not, so that might be a problem. If it is a normal atx psu then it would be very simple to change it.

    You'd need a good quality 500-600W unit to run it with nice margins for comfort. The system will use around 300W under heavy load, so you would be maxing out the stock psu. I don't suppose you can overclock it, since oem rigs tend to have their BIOSes locked up thight (overclocking an X6 will increase the power consumption (and performance) quite a lot)

    1055 is a one step up from the 1035, so yours will use a little less , (this is with idling 5850 in the system using around 20W); 218W for whole system
    and if you add load numbers for a 5770, around 112W (or 85 if you prefer realistic numbers), you'll end up pretty too close to cooking the psu
  3. you only really need a good 300-350w unit for a 5770. im not sure how good the gateway unit would be, but i would swap it out for somethng in the 400w+ range from a good psu maker like seasonic, corsair, antec etc. a good 450w antec PSU will set you back less than $50, that is what i would go for.
  4. that wouldn't leave much room for a future upgrade, though. And at least over here the price difference between good quality 400 and 600w units is pretty small.
  5. a 450w antec is about $50 while a 600w unit is near $80, that is a big enough diff in price to go with a 450w unit that can power a 6850 quite easily. I dont think the guy is going for a gtx480 or anything.....
  6. if he has the same prices, then yep, fair enough
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