Core2Quad Q9550 build with SLI GTX260's. Q about bottlenecking

As the title says, I have a Q9550 build with 2 sli'd gtx260s. I want to upgrade to a nvidia gtx 460 or a gtx 570. Will my cpu be a bottleneck to gaming performance with this new graphics card?
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  1. Assuming the rest of your system is up to snuff... Maybe, but probably not much of a hindrance. You could benefit from a mild overclock to get from 2.83GHz to somewhere over 3.5GHz (there are reports of the Q9550 OCing to 3.8GHz and 3.9GHz). The OC would stretch your LGA775 system a bit further before needing to consider a replacement build. Be sure to add an aftermarket CPU Cooler (the Hyper 212 Plus is a good cooler).
  2. Upgrading to a single GTX460 or 570 from SLI'd 260s will not really be an upgrade at all...
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