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AMD Phenom II 955BE Temps Through the Roof

Hello, I've had my Phenom II for a year now and I've never used aftermarket cooling before but I hope that would fix my problem. I bought Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste and I've been using that since install.

Temps a month after buying:
-Idle: 28C
-Load: 46C

Temps now (a year after buying):
-Idle: 43C
-Load: 60C

(And when I say load, I mean temp while playing Portal 2 or Starcraft 2. I am much too scared to test Prime95 with the temps so high)

I am very uncomfortable with these temperatures and I feel like it's time to buy an aftermarket cooler. What do you guys think is causing the extra heat? Could it be the thermal paste? All suggestions are appreciated.

When buying PC parts, I use or or any other trustable online PC component store that will ship to Canada. I don't want to spend over 80$ on a cooler.

I was thinking of buying this one but I'm still not sure.
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  1. Desperate Bump...
  2. If the temps used to be OK the cleaning out your case could bring them back. If you get a new cooler then you don't need to spend that much the hyper 212+ is very good and if your not overclocking then even the Hyper TX3 will be much better than the stock cooler.
  3. I want to start overclocking if I do get an aftermarket cooler, my 955 is BE so I just want to experiment to see what it's like. But I will definitely clean out my case and reapply Arctic Silver. Thanks for the suggestion!

    edit: I'd want to get a cooler that can overclock my CPU nicely and that would fit into a mid tower case (specifically the NZXT M59) also, it would be nice if it looked better than the 212+ :P
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    Get the Hyper 212+ then for overclocking.
  5. I read up on it more and the 212+ seems like the best bet by far. The Zalman seems way overpriced now after reading the reviews of both.

    Thanks :D
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