After crash, motherboard fails to work

I was helping a friend with his computer. he said that his computer would turn on. I went to his house, he said that he left his computer on all night downloading TF2, and when he got on in the morning he adjusted the resolution for the game and it crashed. No BSOD, it just turns off. at this point i try to turn on the computer, and it doesn't even start at all. not even to the bios. the button makes no change, but there is power, as the mobo has a light illuminated on it. i decide to take out the battery on the motherboard, to clear the CMOS. we wait for about 10-15 minutes, and it starts up. we plug it back into the wall, and repeat what we did. we change the resolution in TF2 and it instantly shuts off. WTF? we try to start it again same thing, the light is on on the motherboard, but nothing happens when we try to start it. we take the battery out again, and it doesnt start.
we are considering sending the mobo back.
specs :
asus z67-(ze?)
gtx 550 ti
i5 2500k
gskill ripjaws 8gb
w7 x64
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  1. have you try testing out the psu? maybe its not recieving enough power.
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  3. its a corsair 650w, and it seems to be getting enough power... though i dont know how youd test that.
  4. he says he's going to try that. but any other ideas?
  5. well for the time being .tell us the results and see if another testing needs to be done.
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