Motherboard/Hard drive help?

-Okay so, I have installed my old motherboard to a new computer tower.
I need help on these 5 cords that makes it turn on by pressing the button.
They are:

+p led, power sw, -p led, h.d.d led, and reset sw.

So far I dont have a manual for the motherboard,
Only thing I know is that the motherboard does not have those things that can connect those cords on.

my old computer is an hp pavilion a305w.

-I have removed a hard drive from my old computer tower to install it to my new one, but I dont know how.

-I have these three ribbons that I removed from my old computer, I don't know how to insert it and such because its confusing to know which is which and where to put it at.

Lol sorry, I'm really new to this, can someone help?
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  1. There are a number of videos on computer building on YouTube, like this one which (sorta) explains the cables and connections that go to hard drives and optical drives
    Search "computer build" there.
    If you're going to get that far into your computer and you're attempting to use the (now 8 year old) mobo, I really would suggest looking into a whole new build.
  2. If you look around on the mother board very carefully. you will find the diagram for those connection. In my experience it will not be anywhere near the pins that you will need to connect to. it is there tho. just look real good and you will find it. start over near the cpu and work your way toward the cmos battery. some where in there. I have also seen the diagram near the ram. Looks like a tiny excell spreadsheet.
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