Monitor, Video Card, Both? HELP!

For a while (maybe three weeks) I was getting a whine oug of my system, I opened it a couple of times, chercked connections, blew it out with air etc and it still made the whine, especially when the system was straining, but nothing seemed to be wrong so I left it alone:

Three days agao I was playing my favlorite MMO (SWG) and the screen went black, I couldn't get it to do anything so I rebooted, it remained black, so I turned it off opened the case, checked all the connections, blew out the inside and restarted it. Nothing? I did notice that the video card was extremely hot to the touch, but nothing else? The next morning I woke up with the worst flu I've ever had so i haven't really done anything to the system until today:

Removed and replaced the video card, still nothing? Remloved the videa card, hooked up the Acer AL 2051W monitor directly to the system video but I can't get into startup(couldn't see anything) to change from external to on board video? I did try to hook up the monitor to this laptop but I still see nothing? I did notice that the whining I was hearing was comping from the video card. The fans on the card are spining.

Whether the monitor is hooked up to this laptop or sitting there plugged in but hooked up to nothing it flashes acer brefly and I hear a clunk sound briefly thru the monitors speakers, does this over and over again until I pull the power. Any idea what this could be? Is it just because it's not hooked up to a video card in the system? If i remember correctly the last time I had a video card problem the monitor did the same thing?

I already have a RMA request in to MSI but as I'm sure you already know that takes at least a couple of weeks to go thru all the steps from start to finish and I need my system as soon as possible:

System is as follows:

Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H Mobo
AMD 250 Regor Am3 CPU
Ntec 550 Plus PSU
4GB DDR2 Ram
MSI R5770 1gb Video Card

Can someone please give me a couple of options as to what else I can check on the system?

What about a good low cost video card replacement that would work on my system that is at least as good as my current card(when working) if not better than my current video card? Low cost meaning $150 or less.

Thanks for all the help, In really appreciate it!

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    Sounds like it's the monitor that's broken. You moved the monitor to 3 different connections, did not work on any of them. Why would you think it was the card?

    If anything, swap out the monitor cable, and try a second monitor on your system. That would rule out the video cards.
  2. Since I posted this message this is what has happened:

    1: MSI gave me an rma number so I can RMA the video card.

    once I had the video card back in the box I then connected an old crt monitor to my laptop to see if it still worked, it does.

    Then I connected the same monitgor to my pc with the video card out and turned everything on, I got those quick beeps at startup that tells me there is something wrong (no video?) and the old monitor didn't show anything even though I had the monitor connected to the video slot on the pc (I'm thinking it didn't work because I have the pc set to look at the pcie slot instead of on board video?)?

    So i reinstalled the msi videol card(the one I thought was bad) and left the montior connected to the motherboard video slot (has to be this way because the monitor is a direct cable from inside the monitor) I don't have the dvi to serial adapter for the cable, then I turned everything on, I got the one beep that tells me the pc is going thru POST( but also tells me the video card is probably good?), but still nothing on the monitor (again I think it's because I don't have the right adapter and the pc is set to look at the PCIe slot instead of on the motherboard).

    When I even turn on the acer monitor whether it's connected to a pc laptop all I get is the quick flashing acer and the clunck from the montior speakers. So now I'm inclined to agree with you that it's the monitor and not the video card.

    Does anyone else agree with me here? The only way I can know for sure is to either replace the monitor or the video card and try again. I'm inclinded to buy a new monitor and at the very least if thats not it I'll have a two monitor setup when I do RMA the video card.

    If you agree or disagree I'd appreciate your feedback!

  3. You need to get a known working monitor and a known working video, and test things. From how you are testing, you are swapping all sorts of stuff around with some odd connections and settings that won't get you anywhere.

    If the monitor does not work on several computers that work with other monitors fine, it's a monitor issue. If you can connect a working monitor to your PC and not get an image, it's the video card. The catch is that you need to use something that will work, not something that needs an adapter you don't have.

    Take out the video card, reset the BIOS to default, boot your PC with the good monitor on the onboard video. Do you have an image? If yes, plug in the monitor that may be bad to the onboard vodeo. Image? If Yes, monitor is fine, if No, monitor is dead. Since the monitor did not work on the other laptop, nor on your PC, you can rule out a video card. Once you have a working monitor you can then start checking your video card, which is probably just fine anyway.
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  5. hang-the-9 said:
    Sounds like it's the monitor that's broken. You moved the monitor to 3 different connections, did not work on any of them. Why would you think it was the card?

    If anything, swap out the monitor cable, and try a second monitor on your system. That would rule out the video cards.

    Bought a new Monitor last night, hooked it up and off I went. Seems to me that my old monitor had been going out for quite awhile, it was always kind of dark, I just figured that was the way it was supposed to be? Wrong! Thanks for the information!
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