Low FPS with hd 4870

Hi, im new to pc gameing ive just installed a hd 4870, ive tried the GRID demo and i seem to be getting 30-40 FPS on max settings full AA AND 50-60 ON COD 4, alough the games still run fine i was just a little concernd as people are claiming to be getting aroud the 100 fps mark with a similar set up,

my specs are

AMD athlon x2 240 dual core 2.8GHZ
4GB ddr2 ram
j&W am2+ motherboard
500gb sata hdd
700W psu
ati hd 4870 512mb (overclocked)

thanks joe
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  1. What resolution are you playing at? and what are the benchmarks resolution?
  2. hi, im playing at 1280x768 on a 42" lcd tv, thanks joe
  3. ive also been playing crysis and im getting about 40-50 fps on high settings but the sound sometimes distorts.
  4. That sounds about right to me, although I'm certainly no expert. I am an owner of a 1gb 4870, though.
  5. ok, thanks for the reply, over all im pnpressed with it for the price, i just wanted to get the best i could from it.
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