Upgraded Graphics + Power = Not great gaming results?

So recently I've updated the graphics card on my custom HP pc not too long ago and everything seems to be running smoothly with my movies and games I play.

Last night I've upgraded the power supply to an Antec Neo Eco 620c since 1) It was on sale on newegg, 2) to support a better, faster card in the near future and 3) hopefully more quiet than the power supply the system originally came with. I also happened to pick up Dragon Age 2 which I'm really excited about, but after installing and launching the game, I've noticed that the gameplay was lagging and doesn't look like it was able render the landscape when I change angles! I'm using a PNY GeForce GT 430 1024MB PCIe card. Is it because the card is not fast enough for the game? Has anyone experience any problems running a hi-def game with this card? I've played other games and never really had an issue

Also, I've noticed that the power supply I've just upgraded have a really odd metal scrapping sound like a small piece of metal or the fan is scrapping around. I've took it out to examine it but it looks fine to me and put in again and still have the whirring problem. The only time it goes quiet is when I boot up the system and in the loading screen, it would be absolutely quiet for a few seconds, then sound occurs. Even when I turn off my system i can still hear a faint sound from the power supply. I don't think the power supply would be the cause of the game lag, but should I be concern about it? Should I try to attempt returning to the manufacturer for warranty repair if it's faulty?

Here is the specs of my system I have:

HP Pavilion p6180t
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400
6GB DDR3 1333MHz
Antec Neo Eco 620c Power Supply
PNY GeForce GT430 1025MB PCI-E graphics card

Any help/tips is great!
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  1. Most importantly, you should return the PSU. It shouldn't make a scaping sound at all let alone make noise when the system is off! This can cause performance issues as well as burn down your house. Get that thing unplugged and contact the manufacturer.

    The other issue you're having is with the GT 430. You shouldn't expect too much out of it as it's not a high-performance gaming card. It's good that you've gotten great performance with other titles, though as the graphics get more elaborate in newer games, you will increasingly run into this issue.
  2. +1^ for the system you have, the 430 is too low to match the CPU and RAM you have.

    If you can, return the video card and get a Radeon 5670 if you want the cheapest good gaming card you can get, or look here http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-gaming-graphics-card-geforce-gtx-590-radeon-hd-6990,2879-2.html and pick one you can afford. Almost any of the cards would work well in your system. I second returning the PSU, the fan should be smooth, sounds like your bearings are off.
  3. Also you need to have the very newest Nvidia drivers to run DA2. If you installed whatever the card came with on CD or just any version other than the absolute latest one, it won't run very well.

    But yeah that's a pretty low end card, it's meant more for a "home theater PC" rather than for gaming.
  4. Sometimes PSUs can vibrate against the case causing a mild vibration or grinding sound. If this is causing your noise, it is easily fixed simply by inserting a piece of paper as insulation between the PSU and case.
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