Newegg Deal on EVGA GTS 450

If you add that to cart, it shows two available rebates 20+30. After taking a glance at the rebate terms, it seems like you're allowed to submit 2 rebates per product. I'm not super familiar with Nvidia cards or brands. Is $80 bucks after mir a steal, or about right?
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    Newegg doesn't steal.It's either a typo or it is real.But for $80 for a GTS450 is a good deal.It's not unreasonably low,so it is possible it's real.

    In your cart where it says the $20 and $30 rebate theirs a link in them and you can DL a document.Read it and see what it says.
  2. Ah, nevermind, looks like the stacked $20 rebate was removed. Only the $30 rebate remains. :(
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  4. I'd take a Radeon 5770 for $99.99 after rebate before a GTS 450 for $80, especially if I had an AMD system.
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