ATI Radeon HD 2900 PRO, 500W 12V, P5W DH Deluxe, Ram 4 GB, Core 2 Duo 6600 @ 2.4Ghz, Vista, Cooler Master CAC-T05, Monitor 1920x1080

I'm looking at the GTX 570. Will I need to upgrade anything else?

I read that the recommended PSU is 550. Could I get away with a 500W?
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  1. What is the make model of your PSU?

    Your gonna need to upgrade or O.C. your CPU or else it will bottleneck the GTX570.

    Whats your budget?
  2. PSU - Thermaltake Purepower ATX 12V 2.0

    Yeah, I feared that I would need to add to the CPU.

    My budget was under $500 total, but really, the goal is to upgrade well. (It's been 3.5 years.) So, budget is no concern, except I don't want to go overboard buying overpriced, undervalued pieces.

    As of now, it seems I'll have to upgrade PSU, CPU, and GPU.

    So, what's the recommendation on a good CPU to go with the GTX 570? (on the idea that this upgrade will last for 2-3 years)

  3. If your an Intel fan i would say go with the Sandy Brdige i5 or i7.If AMD go for the Phenom ii x4 970 or the Phenom ii x6 1090T(personally i'd go with the x6 1090T,but the 970 will work fine too.)Of course with either of the upgrade paths your going to need a new mobo.Now i know theirs been some problems with the new Intel mobo's but i think they are restocking them again.But i'm not sure because i'm an AMD fan.You'll have to check with someone else on that matter.

    So with either upgrade paths your going to need New RAM,New Mobo.Unless your RAM is DDR3,but i'd guess it's DDR2.

    Are you going to SLI the GTX570 in the future?It's always good to get a PSU that can handle that setup when you go shopping for one just in case.

    Are you going to/into Overclocking?If so i would suggest one of the new Sandy Bridge i5's or i7's i've heard and seen them O.C. and they are really really good at O.C.ing.Just thought you should know if you are into O.C.ing.
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