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Hey there everyone;

I plan on getting these components soon;

Asus Maximus IV gene-z 1155 Z68 mobo
Intel i5-2500K
Mushkin Redline Ridgeback (4x4GB) dimms
320/500GB WD blue Boot drive
*maybe pick up an ssd fro cache
2TB samsung HDD
thremaltake toughpower grand 650W or Corsair AX650 or Seasonic X Series X650

i could use a case that has 4 rear expansion slots so that , like the mobo, can accommodate 2 dual slot cards when in sli or crossfire

since this rig will be used for net browsing, htpc and (no not for lan'ing :D ) but occasional gaming seesions, so the case should look sleek clean and maybe elegant

i've been a fan of the Antec mini P180 case, but dya think i can get it? I ask this as a friend of mine will pop down to USA, so i'm asking him to get me majority of the parts.

case budget? ~ 100USD

thanks for taking the time! :sol:
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  1. for a little more their p183 series is pretty nice too.
  2. but thas a mid tower case, I'm in the market for a Matx , mini tower thas like the mini P180.

    :) thanks though for the recommend...
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