Good flat panel for 2d?

Well, i have tried the Samsung 170s, and i must say it is a nice display other than you cannot have a black backround because the white glare on the sides and center of the screen will really piss you off. So im looking to return it and find something that will give a nice 2d display. Not to worried about streaking or ghosting in games so much. want it to play movies decent though. also not looking to spend over 500 bux (US). so that leaves me with a few choices. sony S71, several viewsonic models, KDS and other low end monitor etc... if someone could please answer it would be appreciated.
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  1. Don't buy Hitachis CML174 either, the viewing angels are horrible. (At least not 160 degrees as it says in the specs.)

  2. I have the Samsung 191T which is absolutely great for 2D, but it's a little out of your price range. According to the anandtech review, the 172 seems like it would be perfect for you. It stated that the color was even more acurate than the 191T. Everything else would be at least as good as the 191T's great viewing angle and contrast ratio. The review also stated that the response time was a little behind todays competition, but you said you don't care, so that perfect. As for the Sony S71--don't even think about it. My roommate has one. The viewing angle is the worste I have ever seen on an LCD. You can't even look at the thing straight on and come close to even color across it. The contrast could be equally as bad. On my my 191T black looks black when it's isolated, but could be a bit more black on a black screen. On the Sony, black is no where near black. Just now I opened Photoshop to recreate the black on the Sony. On the 0 to 255 level, the Sony's black would be at about 50. So there you have it.
  3. Sorry, the 172T is a little more than I thought. But the 171T should be great also and is in your pricerange (at least online). Don't let your experience with the 170S deter you. The two are a generate apart.
  4. thanks alot, your info was helpful. I was also looking at a CTX 17 inch at a local computer store, and though its not the highest quality of monitor it didnt have the annoying backlight problem like i have with the samsung. kinda reminded me of a CRT monitor infact, and the price tag was appealing at 389... maybe ill see what kind of deal i can get on the 171T first. thanks again though
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