Need Help with Drive/MOBO/CPU (?) Problem


I am very much in need of a little assistance. I am trying install the OEM Windows Home Server 2011 on my rig that used to be running the RC of said OS.

When I put the disc into the dvd-rom drive, I get through post (the bios sees all of my drives and dvdrom) but then nothing happens. Zero, zilch, nada. No spinning discs and I don't even get to the blinking cursor. It's all very odd. As an aside, I can boot from the WHS2011 disc on my home pc without any issues...

I've recently replaced the PSU so that would not strike me as being a logical issue.

Any other thoughts as to troubleshooting?

Many thanks.

Gigabyte GA-5EASV-RH
Pentium D30
8 Gigs of Crucial RAM
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  1. try running a different bootable disc to see if that works

    try something like ubuntu--its a live disc so wont install to the hard drive unless you tell it to
  2. try checking your bios and make sure the dvd rom is set as the first boot device.
  3. Got it solved. the CPU fan was not working right, causing the cpu to shut down...
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