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Dual Computers Set-Up Question

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August 12, 2011 10:39:39 PM

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 set-up and now an HP Elitebook with docking station, monitor, keyboard, etc....for work. I won't be using the HP much and wanted to be able to run the monitors as dual off of the Dell when I'm not on the HP. Is this possible? I realize I'll need a different graphics card as my Dell doesn't have a second monitor port.

Also, does anyone know if I can use the same Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse with the HP as long as I have a second usb receiver in the HP? (have it on the Dell, but hate having to use two separate keyboards and mice between the two computers.



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August 13, 2011 2:39:13 AM

If you're asking whether you can use the monitor from the laptop as a second monitor for the desktop, then I'm pretty confident the answer is no. It is at least not possible by any method that I've encountered. If someone has a way to make it happen I would also be extremely interested to learn about it.

In terms of using one keyboard/mouse/monitor for two computers, you're looking for a KVM switch. Belkin makes a pretty interesting gizmo called the Belkin Flip if you want to get something really fancy. There are cheaper options, though, which are still very effective like this:
That one uses vga for video and usb for keyboard/mouse. If you need a different video input or ps/2 ports for your peripherals then there are others available.
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August 13, 2011 3:20:08 AM

I have my two desktop computers (I5-750 & I5-2500k) setup to use a single Monitor (Samsung P2770HD) and a single keyboard and mouse that goes to a USB hub. The Hub allows upto 4 Usb devices shared between two computers. Has a single switch that selects computer A or B. Have a 2nd hub 7 USB ->two computers, But on this one you can individually select which usb devices go to which computer. Monitor switching is thru the use of the remote. One computer -> hdmi, 2nd computer to DVI.

Will get the model numbers, But the first one is discontinued and the 2nd one I'll have to see if I can find - Have infront of me, but NO Name/manuf listed.
Discontinued one (Works great)

Then there is this one, a little higher end:

There are cheaper versions that have a single usb -> 2 computers. normally used for sharing a printer with two computers. Caution some of these do NOT work well with keyboard/mouse.

August 13, 2011 5:15:47 AM

I think I misunderstood your first question before. If you have two monitors - one for the dell and one for the hp - and you want to know whether you can use both monitors on the dell when you're not using the hp then the answer is yes, you can do that. Most pre-built towers will support that without changing your video card. It looks like the Inspiron 530 has a vga input, a dvi input, and an s-video input so you should be able to plug them both in as long as you have the proper cables.

Check to see if your computer has those three ports (there are wiki articles on all three if you need to know what they look like) and if you could supply the make and model of your monitor(s) then that would help.