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Dual and Quad channel memory question.

Hello everyone, i have a question that i cant seem to find the answers too,

I have recently brought a Crosshair V Formula/Thunderbolt board

It says it supports Dual Channel Memory.
but i was wondering, would this also support quad channel memory?

As i am trying to work out, which type of ram would be better for this mainboard



i know there different sets of 16gb and 32gb

i need to know what the pros and cons are for my mainboard, will it support quad? even though its saying dual channel, would it lag? etc etc.

i need to know the full details of Dual and Quad memory information, and if quad will work on dual channel mainboard.
and if i was to use quad channel on my dual channel mainboard, what are the ups and downs of doing so etc?

i think i have asked this question correctly. thank you for your time in reading this matter..
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  1. You can certainly use a quad-channel kit in your motherboard, but it will run in dual-channel mode due to the CPU's memory controller limitation. There are no drawbacks with regard to performance or compatibility by using a quad-channel kit vs 2 dual-channel kits to achieve the same capacity.
  2. Quad kit means 4*8= 32, Dual kit means 2*8= 16
    The only chipset out there that supports "Quad Memory Channel Architecture" is the it wouldn't matter if you get any of it, they will work fine anyway.

    So if you're going 16GB get the Dual kit, 32GB get the Quad kit.
  3. One other question, Will the 32gb Quad channel ram, work with a FX 8150 AMD cpu?
  4. Yea, 990X chipsets support up to 32 GB RAM, also make sure of that by reading the MOBO specs before you make the purchase.
  5. Hello, i have been doing some looking around, and im sorry to drag this post on further.. but how would my mainboard and CPU go with this 16gig 2133mhz dominatorGT quad channel ram go? are they compatible? cons and pros to this pls?

    link to the ram:
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    To save yourself time and effort, there's no real world perfromance between 1600 MHz and 2133 MHz RAM, the difference will be just some higher numbers if you run a bench program.
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